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Last update: 21.04.2017
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Zajazd Ustronie is placed between two cities Piaseczno and Konstancin in a small town called Chylice. It is a perfect localization for those who seek a nice and close business accommodation as well as for those who wish to rest and relax enjoying the attractions of surrounding region. The distance from the main road to our hotel is about 100 m, but the access is very good (asphalt and bricked roads). In addition, we are easy to find due to our sign-boards standing near the main routes both from Piaseczno and Konstancin and at the biggest crossings.
We are placed in a close distance to the centers of cities and communications junctions. For example to the center of Warsaw it is about 15 km, to the center of Piaseczno about 1,5 km, and to the center of Konstancin about 2 km. Not further than a 10 km there is an airport (Ok?cie), to the nearest railroad station there is about 2 km (Piaseczno) and the bus stop is 150 m from our hotel.
Zajazd Ustronie is surrounded by a beautiful countryside. We are close to the Chojnowski Landscape Park and Kabacki Forest (1 km). All those who enjoy wandering or bicycle trips will surely be satisfied. But the surroundings offer a lot of excitement also to those who prefer more active leisure. About 1,5 km from our road house there are open-air and roofed swimming pools, playing fields and even go-kart and paintball hall.

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Zajazd Ustronie Elżbieta Siatkowska, Chylice, ul. Piaskowa 12A, 05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna, tel.: 22 150 00 30

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